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The First Wristwatch With a Detent EscapamentThree years ago, Breitling Replica Watches presented their UJS-P8 calibre which featured a new version of the escapement. The brand, which has facilities in Copenhagen as well as La Locle, presented their reinforced version after eight years of development. It was strong enough to fit inside a wristwatch. The watchmaker's engineers created a detent lever with a special shape and safety roller for its new movement. It was enough to ensure the durability of the construction. Breitling Replica Watches even managed to handle Chronofiable tests of Dubois Laboratory. Even the extensive test procedures include putting the movement through 20,000 shocks. Caliber UJS P8 passed the test, which is difficult for wristwatches that use a Swiss lever escapement. Other brands began to create their own versions after the release of the wristwatch that had a detent mechanism. We have previously written about watches from Bulgari and Christophe Claret.

Central Seconds Complicate the Construction Even MoreThe timepiece Urban Jurgenssen & Sonnen, which was released three years after its predecessor, takes the original complex construction one step further. The best men's watches of the year are equipped with a central second hand instead of the original small seconds counter. At first glance, it may not appear to be anything spectacular. This type of construction, however, is much more complex. In order to make this possible, the caliber UJS P8 in this case was equipped with additional gears that are used as a means of transferring energy from the movement. The new version of the marine chronometer is designed with a central dial that moves three times per second, just like the vintage versions.

The movement is 32 mm wide and 5.25 mm thick. The movement operates at a frequency of 3Hz, and includes a 12-mm-wide free-sprung balance. The watch also features a differential power reserve indicator. The new version of the central seconds is slightly less powerful than its predecessor, which had a power storage of 88-hours.

On the beautiful solid silver dial, the power reserve is indicated. To create a single dial the watchmakers of this brand must perform 700 different operations over two days.Omega Replica Watches The result is an attractive dial with prominent patterns of guilloche. These details, combined with the Roman numerals and railroad-style scale for seconds, make the watch look like a refined Breguet model.

The Breitling Replica Watches Central Second Watch comes in a round case made of red gold or Platinum. The housing is recognizable for its double-rounded sides and lugs that are shaped like drops. The reference 11 CSC R is available in two versions: the platinum version with a black strap and the red gold with the same attachment but in brown. The best men's watch for the year costs around $50,875.